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Non-Paper Tag

Jul 07, 2017

              The traditional self-adhesive label has a two-layer basic structure-surface material + bottom paper. When used, it is very convenient to peel and paste the surface material from the bottom sheet onto the pasted material. But label makers and customers are discovering that, after the traditional label is used, the rest of the paper has no value, not only a waste of resources, but also environmental pollution. In response to this problem, label manufacturers, through the improvement of technology and technology, eventually invented the need for paper, lower carbon, more environmentally friendly self-adhesive label-bottomless paper label.

             The three parts of the adhesive material include the surface substrate + viscose agent + bottom paper. The following is a brief description of the type of bottom paper: self-adhesive material Base paper according to the processing technology classification: Super pressure light base paper, machine calendering substrate, coated substrate and plastic film bottom paper. ① Super pressure light base paper. Generally 60-80 grams per square meter, by Super calendering. ② machine processing calendering paper. -like 80-110 grams per square meter, the bottom paper is treated by machine calendering, white, opaque. ③ surface coated with plastic substrate. That is, Kraft paper coated silicon coated with a substrate, quantitative-like 80-150 grams per square meter, the bottom paper is usually yellow, also has white, is opaque backing paper. ④ Plastic film Base paper. The thickness is generally 38-60 microns. Base paper according to the classification: transparent substrate, opaque backing paper, translucent substrate.Paper Tag

            Advanced coating equipment can help manufacturers successfully complete the production of paper label, laying the foundation for the application of label. At present, the non-paper label in the foreign logistics, retail industry is widely used, and to maintain a growth rate of more than 40% per year. Although there are some flaws in the paper label, it is believed that with the progress and innovation of technology, this Low-carbon environmental label will be widely used, and even replace the traditional self-adhesive label.Paper Tag

           The traditional label surface material and the base paper use 1:1, no bottom paper means nearly 30% of the cost of raw materials, storage and transport costs almost halved, the number of labels doubled, the volume of downtime reduced, excluding the traditional label treatment of waste paper costs and the resulting environmental pollution.

           For manufacturing equipment, especially silicone oil and glue coating equipment requirements are higher, ordinary label manufacturers are difficult to effectively use silicone oil and adhesives; At present, the more mature paper label shape is more limited, generally rectangular; labeling system is more complex than current sticker.Paper Tag