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These Packaging Boxes If Not Covered Flim Will Scrapped Soon

Sep 21, 2019

When the  merchant customizes the packing box, often wants to consider a question is oneself custom-made  packing box whether needs to cover the film. Mulch is a packaging printing surface treatment process, generally after printing, its role is to protect the color of the packaging surface, improve the ability to waterproof stain, improve the packaging surface gloss. The material of  package box has copper board paper, art paper, black card paper, pearlescent paper, etc., some of these paper is born with a good protection function, with special material, texture, so it is not necessary to laminate; And a few appear relatively "weak", can not afford to the outside to it, the surface appears insipid, simple, ordinary, inconspicuous. This kind of material custom-made  packaging box, if not covered, not only affect sales, will soon scrap.


So specific which  packaging box need mulch, which do not?

Generally speaking, coated paper, white card paper production of packaging box is required to be coated, coated paper, white card paper afraid of moisture, storage for a long time, or improper storage, paper will produce mildew, or paper powder; And the underwear box that art paper, white kraft makes does not need processing. The reason is that art paper is a special paper, the surface has a special texture color and texture, which is the result of artistic treatment. And white kraft paper contains long fiber and short fiber, the composition is coniferous sulfate bleach pulp, which can make white kraft paper has the characteristics of flame retardant, high moisture strength, water resistance, the surface is not required additional mulch.


Pearlescent paper, tactile paper packaging is also not required mulching. Pearly paper surface is very special, very smooth, sparkling, thick durable, mulching will only icing on the cake; Tactile paper has a suede feel, smooth and delicate, there is an obvious sense of weight, color full, class, weatherability, scratch resistance, folding resistance, color change, light change, solvent resistance, the packaging box of this material is not required mulch.