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Paper Bag Is Good For Our Planet

Apr 23, 2019

Every weekend, I go to supermarket for grocery shopping, when I get in line at the front of checkout, I find something funny: The cashier mechanically will ask you‘Paper bag or Plastic bag?’referring to what kind of bag you’d prefer. I think most of people will prefer to choose plastic bag but not paper bag, because plastic bag is cheaper.


Except for the difference of unit price between these two bags, even they don’t know what’s the benefit in paper bag. Paper bags are recyclable, biodegradable, may even have been recycled from a previous existence, while the plastic one is endanger to the public health. Recycle feature of paper bags which can make less trees be cut down in some way, more oxygen will be released by those that did not be cut down trees. That’s why government and environmentalist will insist on using paper bags in daily life. 


So, let’s protect our planet to start from using paper bags!