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Paper Bag Meals On The Plane

Dec 23, 2016

For catering to the passengers and crew to provide a better service, and implementing the requirements of civil aviation authority, the Changchun airport catering companies to strengthen communication with the airline, adjusting the airline meal. Since July 2016 began, Changchun airport catering company according to air proposed of "paper bags meal" concept, established has aviation food innovation development group, through improved production technology, and research meal food content, trial 12 species meal food style for airlines select, by discussion eventually implementation has 8 species meal food; August late began into has "paper bags meal" of second stage of development, through repeatedly adjustment paper bags specifications, air Yu 10 late on "paper bags meal" finished for finalized. After flights in the winter and spring seasons, Changchun airport catering companies using three months developed "paper bag meals" officially "launched", was recognized by Air China's headquarters, becoming its national pilot units.