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Paper Bags And Paper Boxes

Dec 03, 2018

For almost 15 years, we have witnessed small business turning into brands, top brands turning into household names, and global brands transcending borders and cultures.

Premium products topped with our in-depth knowledge and solid experience in handling domestic and foreign trades have driven our company to great levels of change and success. We have gained a firm foothold in packaging industry, with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe.

paper bag for shopping

Today, packaging is just our second nature. We define quality packaging and we concentrate entirely on premium standard and outstanding quality in what we do, all at a value-for-money price. We produce primarily paper packaging products but we are also capable of providing almost any packaging product, ranging from tags for garments, paper bags for promotion, paper box for jewels, etc. Our handmade packaging items are produced using top grade raw materials that are sourced only from trusted vendors.

If you have a packaging challenge, chances are we have crossed that bridge before. When we give you our advice on a special project early in the developmental stage we already have the solution and the technical know-how that guarantees a known result with premium quality. With every project that leaves our plant we make sure it is the best it can be, and that we love it as much as our customers do.

paper box for gift set

All that may be a little hard to remember, but one thing is true— by choosing the right packaging partner you make a world of difference to your business. We can help to build public confidence in your brand and your business. Choose Sealion and your business is one step ahead of the competition!