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Paper Bags’ Evolution

Apr 17, 2019

From the word we can know, paper bag is a bag made out of paper, and paper made from wooden. And bags widely used as shopping bags, promotion bags, snacks etc.


But There is no paper bag or other bag to stock something in ancient times, only has rope to tie something and take it away ( some rich man use wooden box). Even though have paper at that time, but papers function is writing.


Until 1852, a schoolteacher named Francis Wolle invented paper bags machine to mass produce paper bags. Start this moment, paper bags step into persons daily life. It is still luxury bag due to low productivity, still small part of peoples can own it.


With the technology development, persons find that use plastic can be easily produce cause of new technology be discovered. And cost is much lower than paper bags cost, plastic cover much part of bags market share.


With time flies, people notice that environment is good for human beings, plastic bags have become white pollution, harm for kids, harm for our ground, harm for water. For the environment, paper bags come back.