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Paper Boxes Area Description

Nov 06, 2017

Packaging has played a traditional role in the protection of goods at the same time, as a product promotion media and establish product brand also play an important role. Compared to other competing packaging, carton packaging provides the brand owner with personalized performance and high quality packaging and printing opportunities, making packaging products display unique sales advantages and packaging display appeal.Paper Boxes

Carton packaging and soft packaging is an interesting and volatile field in the packaging market. This paper will analyze the difference of carton packaging and soft packaging from the current situation of packaging market and future prospects, the possible development trend of the market, and the impact of various developments in the market on carton packaging and soft packaging. So that the tray supplier can make a more accurate grasp of the needs of brand owners and retailers and make corresponding adjustments.Paper Boxes

For many kinds of products, often used to transform packaging materials, although it is now not obvious, but still happens, depending on the product formula. In recent years, for example, products from the detergent market have shifted from powdered to tablet, and the change in the formula has led to a change in carton packaging usage and a decline in the amount of plastic packaging.Paper Boxes 

In addition to this natural growth, carton packaging growth will also be reflected in the following areas: easy to shelves packaging, cluster packaging and display packaging. Easy on-shelf packaging to the visual appeal to meet the requirements of the easy shelves, especially for cardboard cartons and micro-carton packaging provides a development opportunity.Paper Boxes

Price pressure will continue to exist, so the price pressure on flexible packaging will remain high. Overall, the future changes in global oil prices and exchange rates, the impact on the price of soft packaging than the folding carton, the main reason is that the material used in folding cartons is natural and renewable.Paper Boxes