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Paper Description Of Hand Bag

Nov 06, 2017

The handbag, as the name implies, is used for carrying items, easy to carry bags. It carries the effect of the resolution of its timber and situation, according to the application of information, can be divided into: paper bag, plastic bag, cloth bag, the universal meaning of small baskets and small baskets. The most common, the most frequently used should be paper composite bags and plastic bags, followed by cloth bags; small baskets and small baskets in the metropolis see the fewest, very distinctive, usually crafts, expensive, inconvenient to carry.Hand bag

Non-woven bags for the use of goods, handbags printing is a relatively inexpensive container, because it can generally be carried by means of the name of the hand. Manufacturing materials are paper, plastic, non-woven cloth and so on. These products are usually used in the manufacturers to put products, but also in the gift to put gifts;Hand bag

In most cases, the paper bag is not directly packaged products, but the product first installed in the carton or plastic bag, and then put in the paper bag, to facilitate the hand-held and look elegant, which makes the customer's size of the notebook paper bag is often less stringent requirements.Hand bag 

According to the characteristics of hand-held paper bag, the author of our factory previously produced the notebook paper bag of long, wide and high size of the accurate statistical summary, according to the different height of the notebook paper bag classification number.Hand bag

Paper: The paper can be used for 157g and 200g of handbags. If necessary with heavier packaging package, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing. If the use of coated paper or paper jam printing, the general need to cover film or film to increase its strength. In addition, white Kraft paper because of its toughness, the use of environmental protection, more and more recently used in the production of handbags, usually can choose 120g or 140g of white or yellow paper, printing after oil to protect the ink is not in the bag when cleaning.Hand bag