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Paper Tag Material Introduction

Sep 07, 2017

      Because of the high temperature label paper tape special, resulting in its use is also more special. High temperature label paper tape main use: Thermal transfer printing PCB with high temperature label. A variety of labels are used in the PCB fabrication process and terminal applications. Paper Tag
     The most basic requirement of high temperature label paper tape for labeling is the identification and durability. In the face of various environmental regulations (WEEE, RoHS) and the introduction of the changing market changes, label users on the board of PCB requirements are increasingly stringent. High-temperature label paper tape high-quality label material provides high quality label applications.Paper Tag
     This series of products can be used in lead-free wave soldering, high temperature label paper tape maximum temperature of up to 280 ℃, short-term temperature resistance of 200 ℃, in the poor PCB production process, showing excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. High-temperature label paper tape in the entire life cycle of the label, can always be sticky and its physical characteristics to maintain stability, to ensure that its image and bar code clearly readable. High-temperature label paper tape plays a big role in printing.Paper Tag
     High-temperature label paper tape Surface: Polyimide with surface coating has high opacity, excellent tearing resistance, excellent high temperature resistance and dimensional stability. The surface material is mainly used in the printed circuit board to identify the role, can adapt to tin furnace and other operating procedures in the harsh environment, in ultra-high temperature applications have good performance, high-temperature label paper tape can be applied to the surface or bottom of the circuit board, there are two kinds of thickness and color to choose from, 25 microns and 50 micron bright white with 25 microns and 50 micron white. The surface material used by the high temperature label paper tape enables it to act as a marker on the printed circuit board.Paper Tag