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Paper Tag Paper Type Introduction

Oct 16, 2017

Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, instant stickers, pressure sensitive paper, such as paper, film or special materials for the fabric, on the back of the adhesive, coated with silicon protection paper for the substrate of a composite material, and through printing, die-cutting and other processed into a finished label. When the use of the paper to remove the substrate just a click, you can paste to a variety of substrate surface, you can also use labeling machine in the production line labeling automatically.Paper Tag Compared with the traditional label, self-adhesive labels do not need to brush glue, do not paste, no need to dip water, no pollution, can save labeling time, convenient and fast application in various occasions. The use of different fabrics, adhesives and substrates can be processed into various types of labels, applied to the general paper label can not be competent material. It can be said that Self-adhesive label is a universal label.Paper Tag

Mainly to the paper type and to a variety of materials, special purpose development, such as synthetic materials, anti-counterfeiting materials and transfer materials. Adhesive。 From the environmental pollution of the solvent-type, hot-melt adhesives to the environment pollution-free emulsion adhesives development. Coating technology. There are a variety of coating methods, the current development direction is from the traditional roller coating, scraper pearls to high-pressure flow extension coating to maximize the uniformity of the coating to ensure that the production of bubbles and needle, to ensure coating quality.Paper Tag Trademark material. Paper and film-oriented, according to the scope of application of the basic label and variable information labels: the basic label includes: food and beverages, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, toys, shampoo, electrical appliances, hygiene products, such as labels. Variable information labels include: Batch number, order code, bar code, production date, validity period, price, mailing process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data.Paper Tag