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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Selecting The Packaging Carton Material

Jul 09, 2019

What should be paid attention to when selecting the packaging carton material

Isolated function. According to the different requirements of product packaging, the package information should have certain obstruction to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic gas, odor and heat.

Better economic function. Packaging materials should be widely available, convenient in selecting materials and low in cost. The packaging materials and packaging containers after use should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment to avoid public hazards.

Outstanding security features. The packaging materials themselves should be less toxic to avoid contaminating the products and affecting human health; the packaging materials should be non-corrosive, and have the functions of insect control, moth-proof, anti-mouse, and micro-organisms to maintain product safety.


The proper use of packaging materials relates to the cost and safety features of product shipments. Packaging the product with the right packaging information can save a lot of money, and the product can be safely maintained with a lower cost.

Suitable processing functions. The packaging materials should be suitable for processing, and it is easy to make various packaging containers. It should be easy to be mechanized and automated for packaging operations. It is suitable for large-scale industrial production and should be suitable for printing and easy to print and package labels.