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Size Of Hand Bag Design

Aug 10, 2017

              A number of common printing sizes are provided for tote bags, designers in the design of the time has a reference, if you have a special size requirements, it is recommended that you and the printing plant or related printing company business personnel to get in touch with the printing industry developed, I believe you can meet the size of the handbag printing, handbag special design of the different dimensions of the need.Hand bag

              The size of the tote bag is usually based on the size of the package. General-purpose handbag printing standard size is divided into three open, four open or off three kinds. Each type is divided into positive degree or magnanimous two kinds. The net size of its tote bag is made up of long X-width x height.Hand bag

              Hand Bag printing Positive degree four dimensions (280x200x60mm); Tote Bag Printing generous four dimensions (340x210x75mm); three dimensions (340x210x75mm) for the printing of tote bags; Large size (360x280x80mm) of tote bag printing, positive dimensions of tote bag printing (400x290x90mm); tote Bag Printing generous folio size (450x210x 100mm. If there is a special size requirement, it is advisable to contact the business staff of the printing plant or related printing company.Hand bag

             Hand-Bag printing paper can choose 157g, 200g of coated papers. If necessary with heavier packaging package, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing. such as the use of coated paper or cardboard printing handbags, the general need to cover film or film to reduce its strength. In addition, white Kraft paper because of its toughness, the use of environmental protection, more and more recently used in the hand-bag printing production, usually can choose 120g or 140g of white or yellow Kraft, tote bag printing after oil to protect the ink is not in the bag when cleaning.Hand bag