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Structure Analysis Of Paper Bags

Oct 16, 2017

Kraft Paper Bag machine operation is simple and convenient, can produce folded edge bags, not folding bags, and other bags of different types of single layer bags or multi-layer packaging bags. Unit from the base material broadcast, into the tube, sticky edge, cutting bag, conveying the entire process of folding bags are equipped with advanced electrical systems and mechanical devices, the use of systems combined with human-machine interface. Base material from feed to bag finished product in a process of continuous completion, high degree of automation. Bag-making technology advanced, reasonable equipment structure, the bag beautiful and reliable, is the domestic and foreign bag enterprises to produce various types of packaging bags ideal equipment.Paper Bags

Paper bags are one of the most commonly used packaging containers in life, such as handbags for commodity packaging, multi-layer bags in industrial supplies, etc. On the basis of tradition, the present paper bag has greatly improved in performance and use. If the paper and aluminum foil, plastic or other materials combined use, greatly improve the use of paper bag performance, broaden the scope of use.Paper Bags

The paper bag is a kind of soft container which is closed from one end or both ends of the paper tube and is provided with openings. There are many types of paper bags, summed up, general bag types are: stitching open pockets, bag bottom stitching, open pockets, filling items can be sewn, can also be bonded, ligation or U-shaped nails and other methods. This bag type can be packaged granular products. Sew the valve bag, bag bottom and top of the bag to sew, the bag apex set valve, fill and pour out all through valve, usually packing small pellet product.Paper Bags Handbag, in real life, the use of more and more large, especially market competition is intensifying, using handbags as advertising and so on, the form of rich and diverse. In the paper packaging structure, we usually use these three major categories. such as paper cans, paper cups and other types, with the new materials, the emergence of novel technology, gradually replaced by some composite materials, the structure of the basic stereotypes, as a general packaging used. The content and structure of the previous section, just select a more representative of several shapes, more modeling structure needs to continue to innovate and develop.Paper Bags