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The Charm Of Packaging

Dec 28, 2018

Jack:I have been optimistic about a girl, I want you to marry her

Son:I have to marry the bride I will decide

Jack:She is Bill. Gates' daughter!

Son:Wow! That's the case...

In a party, Jack went to Bill. Gates

Jack:I'll help your daughter introduce a good husband

Bill:My daughter has not wanted to marry.

Jack:But the young man is vice president of the World Bank

Bill:Wow! That's the case...

Jack went to see the president of the World Bank

Jack:I would like to introduce a young man to be your vice president

President:We already have a lot of vice president,that’s enough.

Jack:This young man is Bill. Gates' son-in-law

President:Wow! That's the case...

So packing is important to everyone,product is also.

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