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The Raw Material Of The Handbag

Sep 07, 2017

     Raw Material Description: High kraft paper whiteness between 100 degrees to 105 degrees, raw materials for 100% bleached coniferous pulp. In order to increase the toughness of high white Kraft paper, to make high white Kraft paper, our high white Kraft paper fiber up to 80%, short fiber 20%, water for 8%, ash control in about 5.5, suitable for simple printing, elegant color, the above characteristics make the high white Kraft paper is particularly suitable for the production of handbags, hand-pull bags. High Kraft paper use: High kraft paper is usually used for the production of white Kraft paper handbags, shopping bags, footwear, clothing handbags, with the company logo and high white kraft paper unique pure white, highlighting the company's strength and product taste, high white kraft paper is your handbag, hand-held bag of choice.

The size of the hand-bag printing is usually based on the size of the package, designers in the design of the time has a reference, general-purpose handbag printing standard size of three open, four open or off three kinds, each kind is divided into positive or generous two kinds. The net size of its tote bag is made up of long X-width x height. The material of the handbag is generally selected with coated paper, whiteboard, kraft, white cardboard. In addition, there are some bags made of composite materials or plastics.

Hand-Bag printing paper can choose 157g, 200g of coated papers, such as the need for heavy packaging package, you can choose 300g paper or 300g above the cardboard printing. such as the use of coated paper or cardboard printing handbags, the general need to cover film or film to reduce its strength. In addition, white Kraft paper because of its toughness, the use of environmental protection, more and more recently used in the hand-bag printing production, usually can choose 120g or 140g of white or yellow Kraft, tote bag printing after oil to protect the ink is not in the bag when cleaning.

After printing, the bag can be formed by laminating or wearing a rope. Hand-bag printing rope can be used nylon cord, cotton rope or rope. If the hand bag printing size is larger, the need to strengthen the rivet in the hole to resist tensile force. It is most reasonable to note that a complete open paper makes an average of a handbag to a few open pieces of paper.