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The Role Of Paper Tag In Application

Oct 13, 2017

Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, instant stickers, pressure sensitive paper, such as paper, film or special materials for the fabric, on the back coated with adhesive, coated with silicon protection paper for the backing of a composite material, and by printing, die-cutting, etc. after processing become a finished label. Application only from the bottom of the paper stripping, gently a press, can be affixed to a variety of substrate surface, can also use labeling machine in the production line labeling automatically.Paper Tag

Self-adhesive label compared with the traditional label, do not need to brush glue, no paste, no need to dip water, no pollution, save labeling time, application in a variety of occasions convenient, fast. Different types of fabrics, adhesives and paper labels can be used in the General paper label can not be competent for the material, so to speak: Self-adhesive is a universal label. Self-adhesive Label printing compared with the traditional printing has a great difference, self-adhesive labels are usually printed on the label Linkage machine processing, a number of process completion, such as graphic printing, die-cutting, waste, cutting or rewinding.Paper Tag That is, one end is the whole volume of raw materials input, the other end is output finished. The finished product is divided into a single sheet or a volume label, the finished product label can be directly applied to the product. Therefore, self-adhesive label printing process more complex, equipment performance and printing staff quality requirements are higher.

At the same time, we must also understand the basic structure and functions of the self-adhesive printing material as printed material. The structure of the adhesive material from the surface is made up of three parts, namely, surface materials, adhesives and substrates, but from the manufacturing process and quality assurance analysis, the adhesive material is composed of seven parts: surface coating used to change surface properties of surface materials. such as improving the surface tension, changing color, increase the protective layer, so that it better accept the ink and easy to print, to prevent dirty, increase ink adhesion and prevent printing graphics and text shedding. Surface coating is mainly used for non absorbent materials, such as aluminum foil, aluminized paper and all kinds of film materials.Paper Tag