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The Texture Innovation Of Paper Boxes

Sep 18, 2017

      Although basic carton packaging elements have remained the same in recent years, the high demand for today's packaging has pushed forward the design of paper bags to make the products on the shelves more differentiated. The latest cardboard and plastic boxes use unusual materials, special decorating techniques and ingenious shapes to highlight packaging. And the boundaries between mass products and high-end products have become blurred, and more and more products are sold in level two packaging.Paper Boxes

      Textures are already very popular, and textures are often produced by embossing the flowers across a sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it gives a different touch to a standard or smooth cardboard. While we can use smooth or matte end effects, most customers prefer a matte effect that combines textured textures.Paper Boxes

     Other suppliers are also in deep agreement. Many care products manufacturers and packers are looking for a different type of texture material. They are looking for cardboard with a coarse-grained grain-textured effect, such as a suede feel. Texture textures can also be produced by using coatings.Paper Boxes

    Carton paper box is the most widely used in domestic and foreign packaging, the most widespread of a form of loading, the reason is that paper materials are generally easy to take, a wide variety of colors, complete specifications, processing convenience. Another reason is that carton cartons designed for easy destruction, easy recovery and to ensure that the finished product quality is stable, reasonable price, easy to process and thus be widely welcomed by the community.Paper Boxes