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Tips For Making Hand Bag

Jul 26, 2017

           Hand-bag processing of the paper tips, because the printed on the width of the mouth is 1cm or so, the edge is not printed, and the finished product range also needs to have rules line, color standard, so for the general printing, the paper will be cut than the finished product, after processing, and then use a paper cutter or die-cutting machine will be around the waste paper cut off.Hand bag

           Hand-held paper bag indentation processing if the thick cardboard instead of indentation line, die-cutting and indentation is not appropriate at the same time, so the paper bag is generally only indentation processing, but not die-cutting.

           If the indentation before the paper cutting machine will be cut off, will affect the positioning accuracy of indentation. If left to be molded and then cut, because the paper during the molding deformation, it is not easy to cut neatly. Therefore, the general method is to print before the paper cut into finished product size, after printing only indentation processing, no need to cut or die-cutting.

           Long, wide and tall rectangular tote bags of A, B and H respectively, its finished product size A, B, h and finished product expansion dimension A, b there is the following conversion relationship: the length of a=2x (b) + side sticky mouth, expanded width = fold mouth +h+ bottom, in which the side sticky mouth is generally 2cm, the fold mouth is generally 5cm.Hand bag

          When the paper size tension, the side of the mouth and the creases can be a little narrower, if the tote bag is large and slightly wider. The bottom of the hand-held paper bag is $number. 5xb+ bottom sticky mouth, the bottom of the mouth is usually around 1cm, if the tote bag larger can also be wider.Hand bag