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What Is Coated

Dec 23, 2016

A paint processing paper for copperplate printing. According to different purposes, can be classified as single-sided or double-sided coating. Flat paper and roll paper. Quantitative 70~150g/m2, there are double-sided coating up to 180~250g/m2. Paper evenly dense, high brightness (85%), smooth high gloss paper, coated solid, easy to get beautiful clear pattern and the text after the printing. Offset coated paper, bleached chemical wood pulp or a partially bleached chemical straw pulp papermaking in paper machine becomes. To original paper for paper base, will white pigment (also said White soil, as kaolin, and talcum powder, and calcium carbonate, and titanium dioxide,), and rubber sticky agent (polyvinyl alcohol, and casein, and modified sex starch, and synthesis LaTeX,), and other accessories (as gloss agent, and hardening agent, and plastic of agent, and dispersed agent, and wetting agent, and white agent, and fluorescent brightener, and color agent,), in coated cloth machine Shang for uniform coated cloth processing, and by dry and Super pressure light and made. For advanced art printing, calendars, posters, brochures, color illustrations, book covers and advertising trade marks.