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What Is Monochrome Printing

Aug 13, 2019

微信图片_20190813170138         Monochrome printing refers to the use of one-page printing, which can be black printing, color printing, or spot color printing. Spot color printing refers to a special color required for special modulation design as a base color, which is completed by one printing. Monochrome printing is widely used, and it also produces rich tones to achieve satisfactory results. In monochrome printing, you can also use color paper as the base color. The printed effect is similar to two-color printing, but it has a special charm. Special colors Special colors include glossy prints and fluorescent prints.

         Monochrome printing plus local bronzing is also very goodGlossy color printing mainly refers to printing gold or silver printing. It is necessary to make a special color plate, which is usually printed with gold ink or silver ink, or with gold powder, silver powder and varnish, quick-drying agent, etc. Usually, gold and silver are best to be grounded. This is because gold ink or silver ink is printed directly on the paper surface, which will affect the luster of gold and silver ink because of the degree of oil absorption on the paper. In general, you can choose a color tones based on your design requirements. If you want a golden warm color, you can use the red version as the bottom color; otherwise, you can choose blue; if you want to be deep and shiny, you can choose black bottom. Fluorescent color printing refers to the use of spot color printing fluorescent color, using fluorescent ink printing, because the ink properties are different, the printed color is extremely dazzling. Used in the design work, it can produce distinct and unique effects.