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What Is The Raw Material Of The Mailer Box?

Sep 18, 2019

Hb34620ae33cb4733805785b0c43f0d17q_.webp.jpgCorrugated paper can produce many types of aircraft boxes. If you want to increase the hardness of the corrugated paper by increasing the hardness of the corrugated paper, the hardness standard of the five-layer corrugated paper can be loaded with heavy weight.

Corrugated paper is made of paper, paper, core paper and corrugated paper composited into corrugated corrugated paper. According to the requirements of the product packaging, corrugated paper needs to be processed into single-sided corrugated paper, 3-layer corrugated paper, five-layer, seven-layer, eleven-layer corrugated paper. The manufacturing dimensions of the aircraft box joints are determined by the number of corrugated layers and the level of manufacturing technology. The single corrugated paper is 30 to 45 mm, the double corrugated paper is 40 to 55 mm, and the three corrugated paper is 60 mm.

It is generally estimated that the surface area of the aircraft box should be carried out with reference to the commodity. After the aircraft box is unfolded, the specific dimensions of the aircraft box are analyzed according to the specific style of the aircraft box. The length, width and height are determined according to the accurate measurement. The dimensions of the connector and the return wire are flexible depending on the condition.

 Because of the continuous improvement of the concept of environmental protection, "natural" and "ecological environmental protection" are increasingly concerned by everyone. Therefore, in the social development, there is often a trend discussion on the topic of fashion: green packaging. Degradable raw materials refer to the fact that in order not to produce permanent waste, the waste material of immutable waste is destroyed, and the soil layer is improved according to the fertilizer. Pulp molded package is a common multi-purpose. Biodegradable packaging.