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When Customised Clothes Bag Arrived,what Do We Need To Pay Attention To As Business?

Apr 02, 2018

When customised clothes bag arrived,what do we need to pay attention to as business?

First of all, it is about quantity.The simplest and most effective method is sample survey.Normally we randomly sample 10% of the boxes.

Secondly,it is about the quality.For custom-made clothes paper bags, the following are most likely to cause quality problems.

1. Pay attention to raw material.

2. Is the surface of the custom-made clothes bag neat?

3. Look at the bottom of the custom-made clothes bag whether is already firm.

4. Look at the rope of custom-made clothes carrying bag is whether already installed in place.

5. Check that the printed pattern of the custom-made clothes bag is whether correct,is whether no big difference between the color and the sample,is whether no word, missing word, this is the key.