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Why Does The Kraft Paper Bag Produce Chromatic Aberration?

Sep 18, 2019

4f20a06ae912520f871e00c595cb8763The paper mill's machine is unstable, the equipment is aging and the workmanship is improper. The same batch of kraft paper has a small color difference. The raw materials have color difference. The custom kraft paper bag will naturally produce chromatic aberration. This phenomenon is actually a problem of the factory supplier. In general, there is a problem of quality stability.

If it is not the same production and the season is different, then there will be a small difference in kraft paper. In particular, it depends on the customer's requirements for quality. We must also explain this problem to the customer when communicating with the customer. Different batches of kraft paper bags have a slight color difference, which is acceptable. However, some raw materials are special cases. For example, the color difference between Russian cattle card and single-sided cow cardboard is very large. This is caused by materials and seasons. It is not controlled by manpower. Generally, the merchants in the packaging industry are aware of this. The age is different, and the influence on the color difference of the custom kraft paper bag is also great.

 white color of kraft paper is bleached, in the long-term role of the air, will inevitably occur oxidation, there will be a little yellowing for a long time. This custom kraft paper bag naturally has the characteristics of yellowing of raw materials. It is necessary to know that as a paper product, there is a shelf life, and the quality will naturally decrease over the period of preservation.

The process change of kraft paper or the supplier of the factory has changed, which will also cause the problem of chromatic aberration, and the natural custom kraft paper bag will also change. Changes in equipment technology will also affect the color difference of kraft paper bags

kraft paper mixed in different seasons and different times, which naturally will make us a large difference in the color of the kraft paper bag, and it is more prone to quality problems in printing.

the positive and negative sides of the kraft paper are mistaken, mixed together and cut, will also lead to the problem of tension and chromatic aberration in the custom kraft paper bag.

Finding a stable factory is the best way to avoid chromatic aberration in kraft paper bags.

The emergence of custom kraft paper bags, we should comprehensively consider, for the inevitable timely communication with customers, in the procurement of raw materials to do a good job, to avoid problems in the details, to avoid the emergence of processes, manufacturers, etc. Unexpected events, so that you can clearly know the problem of chromatic aberration and divide the responsibility.d3948cbe04de58d57f41b5548645eac0