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Why Price Of Paper Material Flexible Recently

Oct 30, 2017

Otc. 23rd to 26th, it is about 60 material paper manufacture rising material price to 60-100USD per ton. That is many experts analysis reasons of material paper price rising, they said that is because of material paper huge demand makes market price rising. And there also some suppliers stock the paper material until the price stay high level.


At Otc.17th to 18th, total 66 paper material manufacture provide latest price for the market, and 42 of them down  the price.From market reflect we can know that, the material paper demand already release in September, and after Mid autumn festival, the price stay stable., especially top 5 company in paper industry down the price of paper that cause of many medium scale supplier down price as well.

But, One week ago, the paper price is fall, and after fetival, price rising. That makes person curious what will happen in recently times. Is that raw material market can keep stable or not?

The most common views think that the raw material price will keep rising because every year at this time keep this situation, especiall traditional chinese new year is coming on the way. Second is, goverment make a environment rules to protect environment. The first step is forbid import second hand paper from abroad, second is closed many of small factories.

What will paper material price going? Let's waiting from market response.