Kraft Paper Bag With Paper Twist Handle

Kraft Paper Bag With Paper Twist Handle
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Kraft paper bag with paper twist handle is made from 150gsm white kraft paper and processed by logo printing. This paper bag also has a wonderful ecological appearance, and its recycling function makes it loved by customers. The twist handles make it perfect for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, baby showers and other parties.

Kraft paper bags with paper twist handles are sturdy bags that are easy to stamp, paste or add. These kraft paper bags are elegant and sturdy for gift shops, boutiques and other small businesses. Our kraft paper bags are perfect for an anniversary event with a choice of different handle colors. The simple logo design, recycled kraft paper bag is a good choice for customers, different patterns to choose from.


Product Item
Kraft Paper Bag With Paper Twist Handle
Material150gsm kraft paper
Art Work FilePSD,AI
Free SampleNO


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Suggestions for surface treatment

1. Offset printing, lamination & foil is the most popular ways on bags on the market base on its economical cost.

2. Some of little complicated treatment our factory also can do it like debossing, embossing or uv etc. As well as the cost will increase compare with normal offsetpinting on paper bags.

3. If you want the bag looks shining, foil with glossy lamination is good choice.